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1.Shu Zhang Shohei Katao Wen-Hua Sun and Kotohiro Nomura Synthesis of (Arylimido)vanadium(V) Complexes Containing (2-Anilidomethyl)pyridine Ligands and their Use as the Catalyst Precursors for Olefin Polymerization Organometallics 28(2009) 5925-59332.

2.Miao Shen Wenjuan Zhang Kotohiro Nomura and Wen-Hua Sun Synthesis Characterization of Organoaluminum Compounds containing Quinolin-8-amine Derivatives and their Catalytic Behavior for Ring-Opening Polymerization of ε-Caprolactone Dalton Trans. 2009 9000-9009

3.Abiodun Omokehinde Eseola Wen Li Rong Gao Min Zhang Xiang Hao Tongling Liang Nelson Okpako Obi-Egbedi  Wen-Hua Sun Synthesis Structures and Fluorescent Properties of 2-(1H-Imidazol-2-yl)phenols and Their Neutral Zn(II) Complexes Inorg. Chem. 48 (2009) 9133-9146

4.Rong Gao Tongling Liang Fosong Wang and Wen-Hua Sun Chromium (III) Complexes Bearing 2-Benzoxazolyl-6-arylimino-pyridines: Synthesis and Their Ethylene Reactivity J. Organomet. Chem.  694 (2009) 3701-3707

5.Rong Gao Yan Li Fosong Wang Wen-Hua Sun and Manfred Bochmann 2-Benzoxazolyl-6-(1-(arylimino)ethyl)pyridyl Iron (II) Chlorides as Catalysts in Ethylene Reactivity Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2009 4149-4156.

6.Min Zhang Kefeng Wang and Wen-Hua Sun Chromium(III) complexes bearing 2-benzazole-110-phenanthrolines: Synthesis molecular structures and ethylene oligomerization and polymerization Dalton Trans.2009 6354-6363

7.孙文华张民肖田鹏飞,镍配合物催化乙烯齐聚/聚合的研究进展,高分子学报,(2009) (7) 600-612

8.Rong Gao Kefeng Wang Yan Li Fosong Wang Wen-Hua Sun Carl Redshaw and Manfred Bochmann 2-Benzoxazolyl-6-(1-(arylimino)ethyl)pyridyl Cobalt (II) Chlorides: A Temperature Switch Catalyst in Oligomerization and Polymerization of Ethylene J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem. 309 (2009) 166-171

9.Kefeng Wang Rong Gao Xiang Hao Wen-Hua Sun Nickel Complexes Bearing 2-(1H-Benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)-N-benzylidenequinolin-8-amines: Syntheses Structure and Catalytic Ethylene Oligomerization Ca tal. Commun . 10(2009) 1730-1733

10.Kefeng Wang Miao Shen Wen-Hua SunSynthesis Characterization and Ethylene Oligomerization of Nickel C omplexes Bearing N-(2-(1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)quinolin-8-yl)benzamide Derivatives Dalton Trans. 2009 4085 - 4095

11.Shaofeng Liu Jiangjun Yi Weiwei Zuo Kefeng Wang Deligeer Wang Wen-Hua Sun N-(2-Benzimidazolylquinolin-8-yl)benzamidate Half-Titanocene Chlorides: Synthesis Characterization and Their Catalytic Behavior towards Ethylene Polymerization J. Polym. Sci. A: Polym. Chem. 47 (2009) 3154-3169

12.Liwei Xiao Rong Gao Min Zhang Yan Li Xiaoping Cao Wen-Hua Sun 2-(1H-2-Benzimidazolyl)-6-(1-(arylimino)ethyl)pyridyl Iron (II) and Cobalt (II) Dichlorides: Syntheses Characterizations and Catalytic Behaviors towards Ethylene Reactivity Organometallics 28(2009) 2225-2233

13.左伟伟和孙文华 IVB金属配合物催化烯烃聚合的研究进展 高分子通报 (2009)(4): 1-17

14.Peng Hao Shu Zhang Jianjun Yi and Wen-Hua Sun Zirconadihydrophosphetes as Highly Active Species for Ethylene Polymerization J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem. 302(2009) 1-6

15.Wenjuan Zhang Shohei Katao Wen-Hua Sun and Kotohiro Nomura Synthesis of (1-adamantylimido)vanadium(V)-alkyl complexes containing a chelate alkoxo(imino)pyridine ligand and reactions with alcohols (ROH) that proceed via intermediates formed by coordination of ROH Organometallics 28 (2009) 1558-1568

16.Miao Shen and Wen-Hua Sun Hydrodebromination of bromoarenes using Grignard reagents catalyzed by metal ions Appl. Organomet. Chem. 23(2) 51-54 2009

17.Weiwei Zuo Min Zhang Wen-Hua Sun Imino-indolate Half-Titanocene Chlorides: Synthesis and Their Ethylene (Co-)Polymerization J. Polym. Sci. A: Polym. Chem. 47 (2009) 357-372

18.Xiongfei Zhang Baogen Duan Wenhua Sun Shaw Ling Hsu Xiaozhen Yang Catalytic activity correlation of Ni(II) Co(II) and Pd(II) complexes to metal atom net charge Sci. China B: Chem. 52 (2009) 48-55