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1.Dongheng Zhang Suyun Jie Haijian Yang Fei Chang and Wen-Hua Sun Synthesis and characterization of bis-[2-[[(2-alkoxyphenyl)imino]methyl]phenolato-ONO] nickel(II) complexes and their catalytic behavior for Norbornene Polymerization Chin. J. Polym. Sci. 23 (6) 619-626 2005

2.Xiubo Tang Dongheng Zhang Suyun Jie Wen-Hua Sun and Jiutong Chen Nickel(II) complexes bearing phosphinooxazoline ligands: synthesis structures and their ethylene oligomerization behavior J. Organomet. Chem. 690. 3918-3928 (2005)

3.Dongheng Zhang Jianlong Du Lingqin Han and Wen-Hua Sun Synthesis and characterization of {2-formyl-6-[1-(246-trimethylphenyl)]-4-chlorophenoxy}2Ni and its ethylene oligomerization,结构化学,24 930-934(2005)

4.Zongxia Guo Jing Yuan Yong Cui Fei Chang Wen-Hua Sun and Minghua Liu Supramolecular Assemblies of a Series of 2-Arylbenzimidazoles at the Air/Water Interface: In Situ Coordination Surface Architecture and Supramolecular Chirality Chem.Eur.J. 11 4155-4162 (2005)

5.崔勇 唐秀波 邵长星 李记太 孙文华,Syntheses of Benzimidazoles Quinoxalines and 33-Dihydro-1H-15-benzodiazepines Starting from o-Phenylenediamine 中国化学,23,589-595 (2005)

6.Junxian Hou Wen-Hua Sun Dongheng Zhang Liyi Chen Wei Li Dongfeng Zhao and Haibin Song Preparation and characterization of acylhydrazone nickel (II) complexes and their catalytic behavior on vinyl polymerization of norbornene and oligomerization of ethylene J. Mol. Cat. A 231 221-233 (2005)

7.张闻,张文娟,孙文华,后过渡金属配合物催化乙烯齐聚与聚合的研究进展,化学进展,17 310-319 (2005)

8.Suyun Jie Dongheng Zhang Tianzhu Zhang Wen-Hua Sun Jiutong Chen Qing Ren Dongbing Liu Gang Zheng and Wei Chen Bridged Bis-pyridinylimino Dinickel(II) Complexes: Syntheses Characterization Ethylene Oligomerization and Polymerization J. Organomet. Chem. 690 1739-1749 (2005) (a "top 50" most cited article from Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (JOM), as published 2005-2008)

9.Xiubo Tang Wen-Hua Sun Tielong Gao Junxian Hou Jiutong Chen and Wei Chen Synthesis and characterization of 2-ethylcarboxylate-6-iminopyridyl nickel (II) complexes and their ethylene oligomerization and polymerization J. Organomet. Chem. 690 1570-1580 (2005) (a "top 25" most cited article from Journal of Organometallic Chemistry (JOM) as published 2005-2008)

10.Xiao-Juan Yang Friedrich Drepper Biao Wu Wen-Hua Sun Wolfgang Haehnel and Christoph Janiak,From model compounds to protein binding: syntheses characterizations and fluorescence studies of [RuII(bipy)(terpy)L]2+ complexes (bipy = 22’-bipyridine; terpy = 22’6’2’’-terpyridine; L = imidazole pyrazole and derivatives cytochrome c) Dalton Transactions 2005 (2) 256 - 267

11.Liyi Chen Wen Zhang Shuping Huang Xianglin Jin and Wen-Hua Sun, Preparation and Characterization of Carboximidate Iron (II) Complexes,Inorg. Chem. Commun. 8 41-43 (2005)

12.You-Ming Zhang Qi Lin Tai-Bao Wei Dong-Heng Zhang Su-Yun Jie Synthesis structure and ethylene behavior of non-symmetric bidentate neutral arylnickel(II)phosphine complexes Inorg. Chim. Acta 2005 358 4423-4430.