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1.Han Ling-Qin,Sun Wen-Hua,Wang Le-Yong Shao Chang-Xing Wang Hong-Gen Li Ji-Tai Synthesis and Characterization of 26-Bis(imino) phenoxy Cobalt Complexes Chin. J. Chem. 20 1523-1528 (2002)

2.Dawei Guo Lingqin Han Tianzhu Zhang Wen-Hua Sun Ting Li Xiaozhen Yang Molecular modeling on Temperature Dependence of Activity of A Late-Transition Metal Catalyst Macromol. Theor. Simul. 11 1006-1012 (2002)

3.Lingqin Han Tongshuang Li Wen-Hua Sun Leyong Wang Dawei Guo Changxing Shao and Honggen Wang {Di-m-bromotetra [NN'-bis(35- dimethylanil)-4-methyl-26-bis(imino)phenoxy]dinickel} bromide Trans. Met. Chem. 27 844-848 (2002)

4.Zhi Ma Wen-Hua Sun Zi-Long Li Chang-Xing Shao You-Liang Hu and Xiu-Hua Li Ethylene Polymerization and Oligomerization by Iron and Nickel Complexes with Symmetrical and Unsymmetrical Ligands Polym. Int. 51 994-997 (2002)

5.Wen-Hua Sun Changxing Shao Yong Chen Huaiming Hu Roger A. Sheldon Honggen Wang Xuebing Leng and Xianglin Jin Controllable Supramolecular Assembly by p-p Interactions: Cobalt(II) and Copper(II) Complexes with Benzimidazole Derivatives Organometallics 21 4350-4355 (2002)

6.Wen-Hua Sun Zilong Li Huaiming Hu Wu Biao Haijian Yang Ning Zhu Xuebing Leng and Honggen Wang Synthesis characterization and their ethylene oligomerization of novel nickel(II) complexes bearing N P ligands New J. Chem. 26 1474-1478 (2002)

7.Zilong Li Huaiming Hu Biao Wu Haijian Yang Ning Zhu Xuebing Leng Honggen Wang and Wen-Hua Sun Synthesis Characterization and Their Ethylene Oligomerization of Novel Nickel(II) Complexes Bearing N P Ligands Chem. Res. Chinese U. 18 (No.3 Suppl.) 193-194 (2002)

8.Wen-Hua Sun Zilong Li Changxing Shao and Ning Zhu New Process of Ethylene Polymerization for High Branched Polyolefins Chem. Res. Chinese U. 18 (No.3 Suppl.) 226-227 (2002)

9.Changxing Shao Wen-Hua Sun Zilong Li Youliang Hu and Lingqin Han Ethylene Oligomerization Promoted by Group 8 Metal Complexes Containing 2-(2-Pyridyl)quinoxaline Ligands Cat. Commun. 3 405-410 (2002)

10.Changxing Shao Wen-Hua Sun Yong Chen Ruji Wang and Chanjuan Xi Self-assembly of Dinuclear M2Cl4(C13H9N3)2: Stepwise  Supramolecular Array by p-p Stacking  Inorg. Chem. Commun. 5 667-670 (2002)

11.Leyong Wang Wen-Hua Sun,Lingqin Han Haijian Yang Youliang Hu Xianglin Jin Late Transition Metal Complexes Bearing 2 9-Bis(imino) -110-phenanthrolinyl Ligands: Synthesis Characterization and Their Ethylene Activities J. Organomet. Chem. 658 62-70 (2002)

12.Haijian Yang Wen-Hua Sun Zilong Li and Leyong Wang Solvent-Free Synthesis of Salicylaldimines Assisted by Microwave Irradiration Synth. Commun. 32 2395-2402 (2002)

13.Zilong Li Wen-Hua Sun Leyong Wang Biao Wu Cheng He and Chunhua Yan Synthesis and X-ray structure of dichlorobis(8-(diphenylphosphinyl) quinoline)nickel J. Chem. Cryst. 32 107-111 (2002)

14.Leyong Wang Wen-Hua Sun Lingqin Han Zilong Li Youliang Hu Cheng He Chunhua Yan Cobalt and Nickel Complexes Bearing 26-Bis (imino) Phenoxy Ligands: Syntheses Structures and Oligomerization Studies J. Organomet. Chem. 650 59-64 (2002)

15.Zhi Ma Wen-Hua Sun Zi-long Li Chang-xing Shao and You-liang Hu Ethylene Polymerization with Unsymmetric 26-Bis(imino)pyridine Iron(II) Complex Chin. J. Poly. Sci. 20 205-211 (2002)

16.Zhi Ma Wen-Hua Sun Ning Zhu Zilong Li Changxing Shao and Youliang Hu Preparation of silica-supported late transition metal catalyst and ethylene polymerization Polym. Int. 51 349-352 (2002); Correction Polym. Int. 51 561 (2002)

17.Hai Jian Yang Wen-Hua Sun Zi Long Li Zhi Ma,The Rapid Synthesis of Schiff-Base without Solvent under Microwave Irradiation,Chin. Chem. Lett. 13 3-6 (2002)