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最小化 最大化

Welcome to the Wang Research Group!

    Thank you for visiting our website! Our research is in the realm of organometallic chemistry. The success of late transition metals like Pd, Rh and Ru in organic syntheses was witnessed by three-time Nobel Prize awards over the last decade. However, many challenges still remain, such as the limited availability of these "noble" metals, low efficiency and inability of certain transformations, and so on. Thus, we set to build up new organometallic catalytic systems in order to harness the cutting-edge challenging transformations. Currently, our work is focused on the development of catalytic processes promoted by the VIIB transition-metals (Mn and Re), which lie on the interface of the early and late transition metals in the periodic table. 

Attention please:

Foreign Ph.D. candidates and postdoctoral position applicants who are willing to apply for the CAS-TWAS fellowship and the CAS postdoctoral fellowship (PIFI fellowship-2020) respectively are highly encouraged and welcome!