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1.    Application of the Restricting Flow of Solid Edges in Fabricating Superhydrophobic Surfaces

       Sheng, X. L.; Zhang, J. H.; Jiang, L.

       Langmuir 2009,25 (17), 9903-9907. 

2.    Air Bubble Bursting Effect of Lotus Leaf

       Wang, J. M.; Zheng, Y. M.; Nie, F. Q.; Zhai, J.; Jiang, L.

       Langmuir 2009,25 (24), 14129-14134.

3.    The Dewetting Properties of Lotus Leaves

       Zhang, J. H.; Sheng, X. L.; Jiang, L.

       Langmuir 2009,25 (3), 1371-1376. 

4.    Designing Superhydrophobic Porous Nanostructures with Tunable Water Adhesion

       Lai, Y. K.; Gao, X. F.; Zhuang, H. F.; Huang, J. Y.; Lin, C. J.; Jiang, L.

       Adv. Mater. 2009,21 (37), 3799-3803. 

5.    Reversible Switching of Water-Droplet Mobility on a Superhydrophobic Surface Based on a Phase Transition of a Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymer

       Li, C.; Guo, R. W.; Jiang, X.; Hu, S. X.; Li, L.; Cao, X. Y.; Yang, H.; Song, Y. L.; Ma, Y. M.; Jiang, L.

       Adv. Mater. 2009,21 (42), 4254-4258. 

6.    Bioinspired Design of a Superoleophobic and Low Adhesive Water/Solid Interface

       Liu, M. J.; Wang, S. T.; Wei, Z. X.; Song, Y. L.; Jiang, L.

       Adv. Mater. 2009,21 (6), 665-669. 

7.    Patterned Wettability Transition by Photoelectric Cooperative and Anisotropic Wetting for Liquid Reprography

       Tian, D. L.; Chen, Q. W.; Nie, F. Q.; Xu, J. J.; Song, Y. L.; Jiang, L.

       Adv. Mater. 2009,21 (37), 3744-3749. 

8.    Hollow Micro/Nanomaterials with Multilevel Interior Structures

       Zhao, Y.; Jiang, L.

       Adv. Mater. 2009,21 (36), 3621-3638. 

9.    Antiplatelet and Thermally Responsive Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Surface with Nanoscale Topography

       Chen, L.; Liu, M. J.; Bai, H.; Chen, P. P.; Xia, F.; Han, D.; Jiang, L.

       J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009,131 (30), 10467-10472. 

10.   A Biomimetic Potassium Responsive Nanochannel: G-Quadruplex DNA Conformational Switching in a Synthetic Nanopore

       Hou, X.; Guo, W.; Xia, F.; Nie, F. Q.; Dong, H.; Tian, Y.; Wen, L. P.; Wang, L.; Cao, L. X.; Yang, Y.; Xue, J. M.; Song, Y. L.; Wang, Y. G.; Liu, D. S.; Jiang, L.

       J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2009,131 (22), 7800-7805.