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Chuncheng Chen has been a professor in ICCAS since 2014. He obtained his B.S. in 1994 from Sichuan Unversity and Ph. D. in 2003 from ICCAS. In 2010, he had one year's research in University of North Carolina at Chapel Hillas a visiting scholar. His research focuses on  the fundamental process for the redox reaction during the pollutant degradation on the metal oxide surface and environmental photochemistry of the organic pollutants.

The research of Prof. Chuncheng Chen is centered on the insightful mechanistic understanding of fundamental and important steps during the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants on metal-oxide semiconductor photocatalyst. His recent achievements in this field include the following two aspects:

(1)The pathway of the reaction of conductor band electron and Oin the degradation of aromatic-containing pollutants. It was found that the activationof Oby the photogenerated conductor band electroncan take part in the photocatalytic hydroxylation reaction, and markedly influence the degradation process. Moreover, by tuning the O2-activation pathway through surface pendant acid/base species, the photocatalytic degradation rate and product distribution can be modulated easily.

(2)The critical role of surface protontransfer in the photocatalytic redoxreactions. Conventionally, the photocatalytic redox reactionsare discussed in terms of electron transfer, and the effect of the proton is largely ignored. By kinetic isotopic effect and in-situ IR spectroscopy, Prof. Chen and his coworkers found that many of photocatalytic redox reactions such as water oxidation, reductive C-X (X = Cl, Br) cleavage is determined by the proton coupled electron transfer steps, which highlights the importance of surface hydrogen bond and proton transfer in the photocatalytic reactions 

Prof. Chen has published more than 150 papers (more than 9000 citations by others) in peer review scientific journals, including PNASJ. Am. Chem. Soc., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., and Environ. Sci. Technol. He was awarded the National Prize of Natural Science of China in 2005.  He is also the winner of The National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar in 2015.  He serves as Editorial (Advisory) Board member of international journals of Int. J. Photoenergy and ISRN Chem. Eng.



Sep.1999~Jul. 2003   Ph.D. Institute of Chemistry, CAS

Sep.1998~Jul. 1999    Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Sep.1990~Jul. 1994    B.S. Department of Chemical engineering, Sichuan University,


Professional Experience:

2003-2013          Associate Professor, Institute of Chemistry, ACS

2014-present       Professor, Institute of Chemistry, ACS

1994- 1998         Engineer, Huaxin Building Materials Ltd.


Research Interests:

Photochemistry/photophysics and photobiological processes; Solar energy conversion and storage; Surface chemistry


Selected Publications:

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