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最小化 最大化

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最小化 最大化

Adress: Institute of Chemistry,Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhongguancun North First Street 2,100190 Beijing, PR China

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最小化 最大化


    Welcome to the homepage of the Group of Chemical Biology of Carbohydrate. Our group is currently engaged in three innovative themes of work including: synthesis of iminosugar alkaloids, iminosugar-related pharmaceutical chemistry and synthetic technique of important drugs.

    Established in 2001, our group is responsible for a number of projects including: 973 programs, 863 programs, National Key Technology R&D Programs, National Natural Science Foundation Programs, State Projects for Essential Drug Research and Development, Main Direction Program of the Chinese academy of Sciences, etc. Equipped with complete facilities and conditions, we have made important achievements and published dozens of articles and applied for 29 patents (with 13 patents authorized) in the past severasl years.

    Our labortary is also dedicated to transformation of research findings to industrial applications. Cooperations with companies in industrialization research are progressing well. Now we are promoting cooperation projetcts with companies such as Summit inc, Corning inc, et. al.

    We welcome talented students at both undergraduate and graduate level from domestic and overseas to join us!