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最小化 最大化

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To the future To the future

最小化 最大化

To the Future

Welcome to the group of  Professor Li Liu.Our lab is always embarking on study of Methodology, such as metal or metal-free catalyzed asymmetric organic synthesis, organic reactions in environmental benign media and construction of heterocycles and bioactive molecules, ect.

Our lab is affiliated to Key Laborary of Molecular Recognition and Function,Institute of Chemistry.Therefore, we own advanced hardware facilities and professional supervisors, which can provide excellent academic atmosphere.

Noteworthily,in recent years, our group has made some gratifying progresses.Meanwhile,our lab is a challengable, innovative, solidarity group. Herein, we hope sincerely that more and more young and aspiring students who love organic chemistry will join us.

If you have some questions about our lab, just make a call or send email to us, we will do our best to help you.

Look forward to your inquiry.

Good Luck!