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                   Prof.  Zhou Lu                      

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最小化 最大化

         Positions for postdoctoral research associates, graduate students and visiting students are available in the field of surface nonlinear spectroscopy and chemical reaction dynamics.  Interested candidates should send a CV to Prof. Zhou Lu.

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最小化 最大化

Institute of Chemistry, CAS
2 Zhongguancun North First Street
Beijing 100190, P. R. China

Tel: +86-10-69943672


Introduction Introduction

最小化 最大化

        Our group focuses on employing the state-of-art second order nonlinear spectroscopic tools to study the microscopic structures, molecular excited states and chemical reaction dynamics at various surfaces or interfaces. The second order nonlinear spectroscopy, including the sum frequency generation (SFG) spectroscopy and second harmonic generation (SHG), has been shown to be a versatile in situ optical probe for exploring interfacial chemistry. Using the surface-selective SHG and SFG spectroscopy, we dedicate to elucidate the details of the molecular behaviors at surfaces or interfaces that play vital roles during the course of nanocatalysis, biological functions, polymer chemistry, photovoltatic conversions, and etc. We are also currently building a high-resolution broad-band SFG vibrational spectrometer with the subwavelength spectroscopic resolution and femtosecond time resolution. This new capability will enable us to study the energy flow as well as the subtle and dynamic chemical changes during the interfacial reactions.